Consumer Protection from Non-Participating Provider Bills

Among the many complaints about health insurance costs is the issue of finding providers in network.  Consumers put much effort into researching networks to find a participating doctor, surgeon, anesthesiologist, therapist or hospital to keep their out-of-pocket costs as low as possible.  But many times a provider is out-of-network and the patient is stuck paying […]

Individual Insurance and Enrollment Dates

Everyone is getting adjusted to the new rules regarding start dates for individual insurance in 2014.  Because insurance carriers now offer insurance to everyone regardless of health history or health conditions, there are rules governing when an individual can buy health insurance.  The next open enrollment period will start on November 15, 2014 with coverage […]

Preventive Services under the Affordable Care Act

Preventive care benefits are an important pat of the Affordable Care Act.  Remember, you can visit to view all the preventive services available to you at no cost.  Your insurance policy pays 100% of the charges for these services.   Did you know that the list of Preventive Services continues to grow?  The U.S. […]

GoodRx App helps you with Prescription Drug Costs

Here’s a Great Application for managing prescription drug costs – I spoke to a Parish Nursing group last week about healthcare trends and ACA. One of the members told me about an application called “GoodRx” – you can download it from the app store for FREE. It assists you in finding the lowest prices for […]